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Sundenia Bush

- Pretty Spring Colors. 

- Tropical

- Great for Containers 





Landscaping,Mulch at Longwood Gardens Nursery and Landscaping, Orlando.Landscaping,Mulch at Longwood Gardens Nursery and Landscaping, Orlando.


Come get an estimate from us!

Let us go out and give you professional advice. We do a sketch for you and guide you step by step in what we will be incorporating in the landscaping layout. We also walk you through the nursery so that you can let us know what kind of plants you like and we will be sure to incorporate it as well.


$35 each estimate

Landscape your home or business using Longwood Gardens Nursery and Landscaping.


Landscaping Theme Ideas:




Low maintenance

Cold tolerant

Butterfly Gardens

Any inspiration you might like to have in your own little paradise.


 Area Preparation 

 On existing flower beds we do shrub removal, weeding, mulch and rock removal. We also take out old soil and sod, creating new flower beds using a sod cutter. We place professional weed barrier so that no weed peeks through the mulch or rock.


Florida soil is very poor in nutrition and water retention. We do professional installation. At the moment of installing we determine if it is necessary for the plant to have extra water, therefore we suggest adding Horta Sorb gel. This is more necessary for pottery plants or plants getting some irrigation by lawn sprinklers, requiring extra water retention in roots. As we are installing the plants we provide the best fertilizer in the market. Osmocote Plus. Afterwards we lay the mulch or rock of preference.

Micro jet Irrigation

Simple at the base where plants need. Uses gallons/hour compared to gallons/minute. This helps reduce water expenses. With micro jets you can use anytime any day legally. Professional battery timers are available.