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Sylvester Palm






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Let us go out and give you professional advice. We do a sketch for you and guide you step by step in what we will be incorporating in the landscaping layout. We also walk you through the nursery so that you can let us know what kind of plants you like and we will be sure to incorporate it as well.


$35 each estimate


Come and get the best fertilizer of the market.

Osmocote Plus Fertilizer, Longwood Gardens Nursery and Landscaping, OrlandoOsmocote Plus Fertilizer, Longwood Gardens Nursery and Landscaping, Orlando

We use what we sale. Come see how good are quality is for yourself.

We use and sell Osmocote Plus.

Osmocote plus has a special coating that provides the plant a slow release fertilizer. This fertilizer can last up to 1 year, releasing slowly the whole period. However, do to Florida's climate, it releases a little quicker so it is recommended to use twice a year. Especially with roses, bougainvilleas, and most heavy flowering plants. This fertilizer stands out from the osmocote sold at retail garden centers because of its micronutrients. These micronutrients are typically not included in osmocote fertilizers at retail garden center, you have to buy separate.