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Sundenia Bush

- Pretty Spring Colors. 

- Tropical

- Great for Containers 






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Ground Cover

Blue Daze 1 Gal
Blue Daze 3 Gal
Creeping Fig 1 Gal
Jasmine minima 4 Inch
Jasmine minima 1 Gal
Jasmine minima; Verigated 1 Gal
Juniper Blue Pacific 1 Gal
Juniper Blue Pacific 3 Gal
Juniper Parsonii 3 Gal 
Perennial Peanut 1 Gal
Ornamental Grasses  
Aztec Grass 1 Gal
Aztec Grass 3 Gal
Flax lily/ Dianella 1 Gal
Flax lily/ Dianella 3 Gal
Mondo Grass 4 Inch
Mondo Grass 1 Gal
Mondo Grass Dwarf 4 Inch
Mondo Grass Dwarf 1 Gal
Muhly Grass 3 Gal
Red Fountain Grass 3 Gal
Society Garlic 1 Gal
Super Blue/Liriope 1 Gal
Super Blue/Liriope 3 Gal



Japanese Boxwood 3 Gal
Japanese Boxwood 7 Gal
Dwarf Holly  3 Gal
Illex Schilling 3 Gal
Illex Schilling 7 Gal
Indian Hawthorn 3 Gal
Indian Hawthorn 7 Gal
Ligustrum 3 Gal
Ligustrum 7 Gal
Ligustrum "Jack Frost" 3 Gal
Loropetalum "Black Cherry" 3 Gal
Loropetalum "Black Cherry" 7 Gal
Loropetalum "Plum" 3 Gal
Loropetalum "Plum" 7 Gal
Pittosporum  3 Gal
Pittosporum; Verigated 3 Gal
Podocarpus 3 Gal
Podocarpus 7 Gal
Podocarpus 15 Gal
Viburnum Odo 3 Gal
Viburnum Odo 7 Gal
Viburnum Odo 15 Gal
Viburnum Suspensum 3 Gal
Viburnum Suspensum 7 Gal
Viburnum Suspensum 15 Gal

Flowering Shrubs

Bush Daisy 3 Gal
Azalea Duc de Rohan 3 Gal
Azalea Duc de Rohan 7 Gal
Azalea Fashion 3 Gal
Azalea Fashion 7 Gal
Azalea Formosa 3 Gal
Azalea Formosa 7 Gal
Azalea Red Ruffle 3 Gal
Azalea Little John 3 Gal
Azalea Little John 7 Gal
Gardenia Grafted (Miami Supreme) 3 Gal
Gardenia Grafted (Miami Supreme) 7 Gal
Gardenia Grafted (Miami Supreme) 15 Gal 
Confederate Jasmine; Bush 3 Gal
Confederate Jasmine; Trellised 3 Gal
Carolina Jasmine; Bush 3 Gal
Carolina Jasmine; Trellised 3 Gal
Drift Rose Coral 3 Gal
Drift Rose Peach 3 Gal
Drift Rose Red 3 Gal
Knockout Double Rose 3 Gal
Knockout Rose 3 Gal 
Nelson's Roses 3 Gal

Palm Trees

Areca Palm 7 Gal
Areca Palm 15 Gal 
Areca Palm 25 Gal
Bizmarkia Palm 25 Gal
Bizmarkia Palm 65 Gal
Christmas Palm 15 Gal
Christmas Palm 25 Gal
Foxtail Palm 15 Gal
Foxtail Palm 25 Gal
Foxtail Palm 65 Gal
Pygmy/Robellini Palm 7 Gal
Pygmy/Robellini Palm 15 Gal
Pygmy/Robellini Palm 25 Gal
Pygmy/Robellini Palm 65 Gal
Lady Palm 3 Gal
Lady Palm 7 Gal
Lady Palm 15 Gal
Queen Palm 7 Gal
Queen Palm 15 Gal
Queen Palm 25 Gal
Chinease Fan Palm 15 Gal
Europeon Fan Palm 15 Gal
Royal Palm 25 Gal
Sylvester Palm 15 Gal
Sylvester Palm 25 Gal
Sylvester Palm 65 Gal